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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Lovely ladies in the DC area

There are tons! On the metro, in the singles wards... I just saw one at the bank!

I looked into this introductory services out of curiosity. They match up over-achievers/workaholics in the area. The cost is in the thousands!

I figure I might spend that much trying to find the ONE (possibly already in the ward, or at least LDS) and enjoy it too.

I really enjoyed being with Jennifer. I think Christy is great... young... There is this one I flirt with at Institute. I forget her name, but I'll see her again.

She is fun. I like making her laugh... I even asked her out for this Friday at my sister's place but she could not go. My sister holds a game night every 1st Friday.

Anyway. Maybe I'm too anxiously engaged to be getting engaged. That would explain why I was said to be obsessive.

Which do I choose? Wish I could have them all? I'd hate to tell one "off".

My history or tract record shows I will not have to worry. They will all dump me sooner or later. So, I'm just going to have fun.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Michael Damron said...

Wow. What the heck is this? Who's Jennifer?


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