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Monday, October 17, 2005

Production Complaints

I have been trying to help out on this production - which has technical issues with the stage and lighting. Basically this production was meant for a real stage with an orchestra pit.

I was asking to be a spotlight person. I think I was asked because I was there. I've never done this before, but I do realize there has got to be a better way. That assessment is not limited to location and lack of fixed lights and what not.

I had my second rehearsal yesterday. I got a script half way through the first rehearsal. Well, I got it emailed to me earlier when I had asked for a modified version of the script. I suppose I was looking for the Directory of photography's notes on lighting and cues.

There is no director of photography or a stage manager.... just me to do the lights. I was asked without direction to spotlight the speaker(s). There are two places where the light is to be spotted... Easy enough? Oh, I was informed that I need to turn the main lights off then run to the spotlight -- which also came under fire on where on the ground it was palced... and of course, they wanted me to solve it. Was I asked to be the props manger guy or the spotlight guy?

I recognized early that it would be easier to have two fixed lights, but I'm sure that wasn't looked into either. I also passed on requests or helpful tips from a bystander who has done this stuff before...

Not surprisingly, I got a ration of crap about switching the positions was a bit slow. Again, I reminded them about having two lights. I also pointed out a mistake in the script -- which confused me for a second.

I got "reamed" about other stuff too. I want to tell them the following complaints, but they will get pushed aside. The performance is this weekend! Call me, so when I mess up they can say "Oh, excuse him, he is challenged." or worse.

  • I did not volunteer. I was asked and not for my experience.

  • I did not agree to do this because of the people running the production or the production itself. I wanted to see it though

  • The conductor of the choir and orchestra is good at that job, but makes a poor director of photography or what have you.

  • The place of the production is not designed for a production of this type.

They wanted to appoint an assistant to help to tell me where to point. I think that was unnecessary. I'll do fine. Besides, hand signals in the dark? Is she going to grab my right or left butt cheek? Sound is OK, if I get an ear piece.

I am so looking forward to the production. Or better yet, the after comments. I know if I screw up big time, I'll still get sunshine blown up my [ace]. Challenged?


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