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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Student beggars

Yesterday I saw students pan handling for money to pay for their
education. I thought how curios it all was.

Why did they do it right outside the metro stop next to a University.
I supposed half of the people passing by are probably students as
well. Might have had more success going one stop away.

Maybe not. People might think they were just crazy or homeless.
Desperate to try anything.

"It's for a good cause." one young lady shouted. I doubted it, but
also thought my small donation would go just as far as my donations to
public service (police and fire fighter ) and military collections.

I thought: How do I know you haven't blown through what money you had
allocated to aimlessly feed the hungry education business. Assuming
you were that fortunate at having the funds from the start.

They shouted more stuff that got me thinking. Is this for real or some
kind of study? At length, I didn't donate.

A day later I found myself rationalizing why my donation would not
have made a difference. The country has bigger problems and is
probably the cause of poor education of these students.


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