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Friday, November 25, 2011

The future is in the bushes? Somewhere?

Recently I have listened to podcasts that talked about techniolgy I grew up with: Nitewndendo NES, VHS, MS DOS, etc. Hinesight is 20/20? They pointed out stuff that lead to better inovations. Some of which is still popular today. It was all there from the bvegining. I only took intrest in a part of it. Usualy the surface: what games could I play, what moviwes could I watch...
Surveying the technological landscape, I ask myself where is the future? Or better yet, what's out there already that will lead to better stuff? Where is the world going?
Somethings, just come out of left field, but through iterations of new products can leave that needed clue. What is it and how can I captolize on it?


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Michael Damron said...

Use a spell checker. :) I think it was Nintendo NES.


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