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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Young Gun

Saw Young Guns II in junior high school. It was a movie about Billy the Kid. I had an affinity towards the outlaw and the lore surrounding him.

I had a teacher who shared the name with the guy who supposedly shot the infamous outlaw. I had some somewhat valid reasons not to like her though.

One time the Teacher went off on me and my writing and what not during class. She was sitting in a desk with her back to me. I was sitting behind her and was not sure she knew I was there.
I admit it was a crazy time for me so the Teacher might have had some valid points. Like everyone else, she probably did not know how to deal with me.

Another day I was going to hang out in the dark room but did not enter after hearing voices coming through the revolving door that kept light out of the dark room. I quickly identified the voices and thought I’d hang out there is the little alcove.

“You’re breaking a lot of hearts,” the Teacher said to the other occupant in the dark room.
“What do you mean?”

The Teacher started to enumerate through the list of people she knew that liked the girl she was talking to. The Teacher paused for a second and started to laugh before she said my name.


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