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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Movie Wars

I used to work with someone who went to the movie theatre every Sunday because it was cheaper apparently. I barely watch any new movie. I can’t imagine watching around 52 new movies a year. I mean, wouldn’t you run out? How many movies come out every year anyway?

A couple years ago I decided I would stop going to the movie theatre as much as possible. I like going to see something on a big screen and great sound systems, but I was not sure it was worth the rising costs. Throw in Imax, and there goes another couple bucks. 3D doesn’t do anything for me.

There was a house ad at the AMC theatre once where these people were watching a show and were oblivious to the fact their surroundings were changing. It was like the screen was a sedative or some mind controlling drug.

Several years ago, I spent some time with a family where TV would do the same as this commercial mentioned above. When that screen was on, these people were fixated and nothing else could grab their attention. A couple times I wanted to wave my hands around or something to see if anyone would notice.

I do have to admit that it is easy to get lost in something very interesting on the screen, but I try to retain situational awareness. It is embarrassing if someone comes or goes and I fail to notice or acknowledge them.

My resolve to avoid the theatres was tested when Star Wars came out. I would have gone to the theatre and watched it with friends or family. But I never got an invite nor did I push for one. I could wait for it to come out on DVD or what not.

Just a note, the audiobook on the screenplay came out about the time the movie did. I had no qualms listening to the book so I know the story.

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about going to see a movie. I tried to get him to come to my house and watching something on my mini projector, but he was leaning toward a new release. I mentioned I had not seen Star Wars yet so the plan is to go see it today.

I just looked up the schedule. The latest one for Saturday was 4:30 PM. Oh good, I thought. Might get the matinee price but no. Well, I guess I’m giving Disney my money after all… There is still time to talk my friend into streaming an older movie for free!


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