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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Power Grid game

I played this game with some friends. It was rather fun, although we only played a few rounds due to time restraints. I thought it was interesting some plants are fueled by trash. I never thought about that before. If that is true, I'll be more happy to throw stuff away.

Anyway, I could not help to wonder why one guy was so anxious to hang out with us. Looks like he came straight from work as did I, but he recently got married and seemed in no hurry to get home. I guess hr needed to get away for a time.

I'm not much of a game person. I usually loose, so it's no fun. Well, like this game Acquire, I think it was called, I thought I did pretty well. At the end however, turns out i did not do as well as I thought. So, to me, the journey was better than the end result.

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