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Saturday, January 14, 2017


I love maps. I'm always looking at one or another. Occasionally I'll pull up an old neighborhood I used to live or used to know.

Recently I pulled up the satellite view of my junior high school. A bunch of memories came back. Of course there were new, unfamiliar changes as I hope there should be.

GPS technology is indispensable but I think people rely too much on it. I was giving directions to a friend as he was driving and had not put in my address into the computer. We came to the interstate and had to make a choice to go north or south.

Basic knowledge of a map would have made the choice obvious. I hope my friend was joking when he didn't know which direction to go, but it wasn't the first time his map skills came into question.

I had a roommate once who needed orientation of a church building every Sunday! I offered to draw a map so he could carry it around. This was many years before smart phones so the map would have been on paper.


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