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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Speaking in church

in the last few months I had to speak twice in church. Before that, it had been 13 years. Not that the local leaders had not tried to recruit me. Scheduling conflicts kept coming up I guess.

I told a coworker that I had to speak in church. He said in his church the priest spoke every Sunday all year long

I explained that we didn't have any paid clergy. So they call people from the congregation. Since I'm new in the ward, recently having the boundaries changed on me, I was fresh meat I suppose.

The following Monday, after speaking, my coworker asked how it went. I told him it was okay. He asked if I said anything crazy so they wouldn't ask me again.

"I tried, but didn't want to say anything too crazy. I still want to go to church."

“So what do you call it?”

“Call what?”

“We always call it going to mass.”

“Oh, I guess we just call it going to church. But, I suppose you mean the first hour it's kind of like mass.”

“First hour?" He was incredulous. "How many hours are there?”

“Three.” I said with a smile. I figured that bit of information would be amusing.

“3? No wonder you have to get people from the congregation to speak. What happens in the second hour?”

“Sunday School. It is kind of like Bible study.”

“And the kids go to that too?”

“No, they have their own program. Called primary.”

“Ever thought about changing religions?” he asked after commenting that it took some dedication to go to church for 3 hours.

“Yes, but where would I go?”


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