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Monday, January 16, 2017

Too much content

I watched a lot of football this last weekend. I probably could have survived by checking the scores after the games. One thing that amazed me, was all the commercials about new movies coming to theatre, new exclusive network series and more. Some looked pretty interesting.

I used to work with someone who knew the line up of all the over-the-air television stations. It was like someone who religiously followed football. He knew what shows were on prime time…. It was almost as if he had some vested interest in producing all that content. It seemed surreal that he made time to watch it all.

I get disgusted just browsing through the online content. I can imagine someone out there going through a lot of this. Not sure it is possible to see everything. Especially the hours uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis.

I suppose it is great for a producer to have all these ready consumers, but it kind of turned my stomach when a commercial touted “more ways to get more entertainment.” How much does one really need?


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