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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Haven

I tend to minimize time looking in a mirror. I like the image my mind creates of myself more than the real one everyone sees.

As I was showing off some pictures of my recent cruise, I was making fun of the pictures of myself while stealing quick glances of the position of my head and what not.

It's been about 6 months since I have had my eyes straightened. Although some improvements have been very noticeable, new challenges have come up.

While trying to hike up the Norwegian mountain side, it became very clear some things had not changed at all.

I recall being angry with myself that I was having so much trouble and I could sense I was angering the people trying to help me. I could have endured a few “steps”, but the climb never stopped.

Finally I was convinced to give up. Going down was a lot easier. I could actually see the rock formation into stairs.

Perceiving depth is still a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I have no problems at all. Lighting alone can throw off the calculations the brain makes for safe passage.

On the cruise ship, deck 14 midship was called the Haven. Honestly, it was nice having a private area. I'm tempted to always cruise on a ship like that one.


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