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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tales from the Pit

"Dang Developers." cursed the ugly, friendless Overlord. "I give them a week, they take a month."

Never having learned the rule of thumb to double time expectations instead of dividing them, it was obvious the beast was upset. Not to mention that it expected everyone to cancel vacations, holidays, weekends, and spend 60+ hours a week in the pit like it does.

"Should have done by now."

The slave driver was of no help. It barely knew anything about the tasks it dished out. The position of slave driving was pretty much self proclaimed because of seniority or time spent in the pit.

The old days of throwing crap at a web site and praying it works are gone. Or should be anyway. It's no wonder they are in the mess they are in with rewrites. The underlying database needs serious architecture work. Any redesign on a shotty foundation is risky at best.

It is supposed that in time one gets numb to the lack of best practices. One should kneel and say "Yes Master. I will take a dump on this web page and pray it works."

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