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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Words and me

When I was a kid I remember calling this fruit medley a fruit-a ca-catella. It might be argued I was just making fun of the Norwegian language, but I was not that clever.

My Dad would get lost in the conversation when Norwegian was spoken at my grandparents house. He was as lost as everyone else. Well, at least all the kids. To relieve tension, he would joke about words like knife-a spoon-a, etc. I believe forka really means Fork.

Anyway, one year when I was at the library, I asked where the patriarchal music was. I got a lot of funny looks. The librarian, who probably was used to crazy questions, figured out that I was looking for patriotic music.

In high school I started using the word parameter as two words, para and meter. In my mind it phonetically sounded out like parachute and parabolic.

I like listening to the word of the day podcast so I can hear the pronunciation of a word before trying to speak it.


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