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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun quotes from The Cruise

10 years ago I would have my first cruise. It was a Disney cruise. I have been on several cruises since then, but I think Disney is the best.

I just went on another Disney Cruise. 10 years from now I should go on another. Of course I will go on on non Disney Cruises between that time.

There were a lot of fun quotes from the cruise, but here are some that I can remember.

The Princesses are the Princesses

This was in response to the question if the Disney Princesses had other jobs on the ship.

If the characters on the ship don't have other jobs, they must have the easiest jobs. The crew on a cruise ship probably wort harder then most jobs on land. Some crew members even had more than one job.

The fish that delivers messages

My niece asked me if I knew the fish that delivered messages. I told her no and mockingly questioned if she knew any fish that could deliver messages.

Apparently she was referring to the little place holder by the door where messages could be situated. It had a image of a fish next to it.

If I had the Internet I could tell you

It w rather amazing how many times I wanted to go on the Internet to look something up. They had an Internet connection but I would think I probably would have wasted way too much time looking up stuff I didn't need to look up. I was on vacation! I didn't need to get on the internet.


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