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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Standing in the Ocean

On an excursion I took a ride on a sit down jet ski. It wasn’t freestyle and I could not go where I wanted. I fell behind and was instructed to go faster and catch up. It was a bit unnerving to watch the water fly by underneath me. I thought it would hurt if I feel off at that speed.

After catching up, the leader of the group came to a stop and instructed everyone to gather around. He then told people to get off their vehicles.

I looked at all the water around me and was not going to get off.  I looked back and watched him drop into the water. We all had life jackets on, but his shoulders were poking out of the water as if he was not floating and it looked like he was walking around.

I noticed other people dismounting and standing in the water. I had to try, but I thought about sharks or something else that might find me a juicy meal. Or a tasty snack.

I was not going to be like the one guy.who looked as if had trouble getting on his jet ski in the first place. I guessed he was determined to stay on until being forced off.

I dropped into the water and my feet was touching ground. It was some kind of sand bar.

It was weird to be up to my chest in water and seeing water in every direction, but to be standing in the middle of the Caribbean.

My thoughts turned to sharks again and quickly climbed back aboard my vehicle.


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