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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bad apple juice

Many moons ago I was at a dinner party. I was one of the last to arrive because everyone was waiting for me and my roommate to show up.

I heard a groan from one of the people seated at the table. I was also getting some bad vibes from her.

Who is this? I wondered and what did I do to get such a reception?

The host took the bottled fruit drink from my hand and passed it around. I noticed they were waiting on the drinks too.

After the bottle made it's way back to me. The lady who issued these bad vibes complained a warning. "There is something wring with the apple juice."

I smiled. That's because it is not apple juice."

"Oh. What is it?"

I wondered why she did not read the label. Surely somebody had to have done so.

"It is white grape juice. With Peach."I calmly replied as I took a sip from my glass. "And it is fine."


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