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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Missed Operunities

In high school I remember going out with this one girl. I think we went on a group date or double date and went to see Sandlot at the dollar theater. Don't believe we ever went out again and I don't know why not.

One night I got a call at 12:30 a.m. inviting me to dinner the next day. Technically it was later that day. I always thought the invitation was odd.  I just happened to be awake when the call came and wondered if I was just a backup plan of sorts.

Well, I lost my cell phone on the way over to the house. I had verified the address twice, but apparently was dropped off at the wrong place.

When I finally made it home I tried to use an online phone application. It might have been an early version of Skype or the connection was just terrible, but I finally got through. It might have been a believable story if I was stranded and calling from some gas station.

Dinner was long over and never got another invite. Im sure I offered to have her over to make up for the trouble, but it never happened either.

One year, at a Christmas party, a certain favorite of mine was standing underneath the mistletoe offering a kiss to anyone that took it. I tried to set down my drink and all but was not fast enough!


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