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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My short stint with Apple

If I recall correctly, I learned about podcasts from a roommate. I told him I would love to listen to some, but I didn't have an iPod.

When I was informed  I didn't need an iPod, I looked into downloading podcasts on my own. The Subscribe message confused me. I thought it meant like a paid subscription to a magazine.

When I got over that hurdle, I was able to download podcasts. I have enjoyed a bunch for several years now.

One Christmas season, I got an iPod Shuffle from work. I thought it was pretty cool. I actually acquired a second Shuffle from a co-worker shortly after.

I bought an iPod for my brother once as well. I did buy an iPod Touch, because I really didn't want an iPhone. I was pretty slow in getting a smartphone too.

I admit I bought earbuds and  an expensive USB charger, but it's been a long time since I bought any other Apple stuff and I have no intention in the future.

Well i do use the cheaper knock off earbuds. I like how they feel. I'm only paying pennies and no Apple tax.


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