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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Why go back to the moon?

Years ago my younger brother and I were talking about space exploration. I skirted around what I thought was a lure to talk about some conspiracy theory about the moon landings that took place years before either of was born. At length, he asked why we don’t go back to the moon.

This was before all the talk about commercial space travel by private and public companies. I  recently heard Russia was planning on going to the moon as well.

The conversation was also before the Mars rovers and all. I had no real defence to my brother’s questions. I had not been paying attention to any new developments.

I finally asked what was on the moon worth going back for. Everything a person would need to survive on a giant rock in space would be taken from the taxed resources here on this planet.

Space travel sounds real exciting, but you will not see me doing it until I can get beamed up onto a Galaxy class Enterprise. So, until then, I’m all for government and commercial funding of all facets of space exploration.


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