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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mark of intelligence

In an old post no longer present on the web, except maybe some archive, I went off as follows:
TITLE: Ties not the mark of intelligence 
DATE: 07/16/2003 04:34:27 PM-----
I hate ties. I inherited some clip-on ties from my grandfather; it makes them a lot easier to put on, but I still don't care for them at all. They seem to get in the way too much.
I heard once that one result of the down market was that people would dress up to show a sense of professionalism. I suppose this was done to attempt put themselves higher up the totem pole so when liabilities needed to be cut... they would not be the first.
I was not impressed in the Systems Administrator's abilities. The tie wasn't helping in that area.
Since that time, I have met a handful of well dressed employees whom I have been equally impressed with. Fortunately, most of them did not stick around long or I at least did not have to to work with them directly.

I’ll wear a tie to an important meeting, interview, or to church, but most of the time I’m in my dungeon cranking out solutions. I might even still have those clip-ons in a drawer. I am not sure I have worn one since I inherited them. Grandpa was really short and I think the clip-ons were kid size.

Dress code at work is usually work casual and that is what I strive for. The tie really doesn’t help me and it is almost a distraction when one comes in the room. Who wears a tie? Government employees? Or someone trying to hide something?


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