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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Education is important

Many moons ago I decided that after I graduated with my BS degree, I should find a way to keep educating myself. OK, that isn't all that true. I can recall being education minded for a long time but especially in high school. I figured that if I waited to be taught what I was interested in, it would never happen.

So at some point, I decided to start investing in training materials such as CDs, books and videos. I even allocated a $100/month for it. I think I always had an MSDN magazine subscription -- which has grown to become quite the library.

Once I enrolled in the ACM organization, I stopped buying books. I figured it was easier to use their online books -- which gets updated constantly -- than to buy and store the books in my room. Now, it is more a matter of taking time to read up on new stuff.

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At 9:43 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Speaking of education...Corryn is learning how to use email. Could you please send her a message?

Her email address is corryn at themannings pot org.


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