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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Haptic toy

I wanted a new PDA so I bought a "used" iPod Touch. I'm having trouble connecting to the wireless at the house, but I am picking up the neighbor's. I did not want to connect to my laptop, but to recharge it, it had to be connected via USB. D'oh!

Oh well. I got it a bit cheaper than I would have paid for a new one. Not sure how much she used it or what. I know she used it because it had/has some stuff on it. The ear phones have not been used - which is good. I like the ear phones I got with me free iPod.

Well, it is pretty hot out. Glad I bought the AC unit. I got my laundry done while I played with my new toy. I don't plan to take it many places. I did not want the phone bit because I have killed too many smart phones!

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