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Saturday, September 13, 2008

One big circle?

I guess it wasn't quite a circle that I travelled today, but it was fun. The original plan was to go to a ward EQ football/BBQ, but when I learned it was canceled, I took off to play Frisbee. To my great pleasure, there were people playing flag football!

After that was over I went to check on this river cruise voucher I had. On the way to the waterfront in Alexandria, I checked on my old grill that I plan to use tommorrow while the new owner is away. Of course, I got permission.

Anyway, I stumbled across an art sale in the street before the waterfront. I wasn't expecting to get on a boat, but I had no other plans, so I took the cruise to Georgetown. Amazing,I made more connections. I'd been to a couple locations before but gad not mapped them so close together. I even literally climbed a bunch of stairs to the castle thing on the campus.

I had a couple fruit smoothies in route and bought this guy's CD at the art sale thing. I liked the songs, but wondered how much in royalties and such he probably has to pay to rerecord other's songs.

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