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Friday, September 19, 2008

Work extra hours?

Oh goody, can I? Um, no thanks. What little social life I do have, I'm going to enjoy it. Besides, they worry too much and I'm prepared for the royal screw job.

For some reason, my boss thinks I bill the client directly. Meaning my hours worked go straight to the the client. I'm salary and work for a stupid company. If the company can't bill the client if I decide to go on vacation that is their problem not mine.

I can't convert the plethora of sick time to paid time off because, as stated above, I work for a cheap, stupid company. They don't even contribute to the 401k; however I do get cheesy gift cards every now and then.

Yesterday, in wake of the bad news I here about in the US alone, I started to feel like it was OK that the small company I work for can't afford all the cool benefits I got from OAK. But my Boss enjoys his armada of cars, his fancy plantation home, and what ever else he's got that could have been put to better use... like matching on the 401k.

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