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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Sounds Easy

Where were you when you first saw the Princess Bride? On one of the rare occasions we were ever invited to a neighbor's home, they showed us the movie. Perhaps they got it from the video rental store called Sounds Easy.

We got many of movies from there. Sometimes we even got pizza. Dinner and a movie? Sounds easy.

Last time I went to a video rental store was with a roommate a couple years ago. Ok, more like 10 years ago. I wonder if the store is still in business. There is that Red Box kiosk that I have never tried but I see them all over.

Last time I was at the Pentagon, one of the first stores I saw when first getting inside was a Red Box store. Seriously, it is a store with a bunch of kiosks in it. I chuckled every time I saw it. Does anyone do anything here? I wondered.

With streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, who needs a video rental? I admit that I do the disc rental from Netflix as well. There is a lot you don't get from streaming and vice versa.

One day, you just might be able to print or better yet, get a pizza from the replicator. I'd ever try the hydrator from Back to the Future. Dinner and a movie? Sounds easy?


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