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Wednesday, July 06, 2016


As a kid I was always fascinated in Jupiter. I can't pin down why I was so interested. Probably because the giant planet just looked cool. The red spot always draws my attention. What the heck is that?

I recall I had some news paper cutouts of the Voyager 2 probe going to Jupiter. I'm not sure if they were just old or I cut him out from the when the event happened. I don't think I personally cut out the articles, because according to wikipedia when the probe passed by the planet I would have only been four or five years old.

In high school, I started to write a novel where Jupiter was the backdrop. I guess it was a science fiction story without much science.The novel was for a self learning project. It didn't turn out to be that educational, obviously. My excuse is that I didn't have the research tools I have now and I'm sure I got bored with looking up stuff in regular books at a library.

I wonder how things would have been different had I diligently researched this Jupiter subject thoroughly. Oh well, I have got a lot to research now.


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