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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Called to serve

Over the last 11 years I have annually traveled with my parents. Generally it has been on a cruise. I felt I was cutting their costs by a third.

My parents traveled a lot on their own, especially after my Dad retired. My Mom left her part time job years earlier after receiving complaints from her boss that she was taking off too much.

My Aunt once asked them when they were going on a mission. I think she was somewhat jealous of all the places my parents had been. I wanted to object to the idea of them going, but I hoped the idea would die on it's own accord.

I feared the day my parents would want to go on a mission. Apparently, they were waiting for my grandma to pass away.

Shortly after that event, we were eating dinner at Outback restaurant in Northern Virginia. My Mom told me they had submitted this mission papers.

β€œHow could you do this to me?” I complained. β€œIt's so selfish. Who am I going on a cruise with?”

My Dad chuckled at that last question.


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