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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy morning

Yesterday, I left my room earlier than usual. I was finishing up on the Pixar Touch book. Tried to pause the book when a roommate trued to talk to me but the iPod Touch wasn’t responding!

Like my phone, once I plugged it in to charge, it came back to life. It’s like one of those defibrillators I guess.

On the metro, I had to literally squeeze the crowd in so I could get in to the over crowded car. I guess I did not have to, but I did it for fun. At my stop, apparently something was happening… people were all looking at something and I watched one guy run to get a metro employee. I paid little attention and walked away.

I like the Pixar book. I’m going to listen to Disney War again.

Since I failed to put the Christmas books on my toy, I started the Street Lawyer. I'm halfway done. I like the story for the most part.

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