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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tech notes

I saw a Duracell memory card today. It always fascinates me to see "new" products.

I think it is time for me to "recycle" my many passwords. Well, probably just those not in the Password Safe. And change my non secure default password. I guess it is bad form to comment on security policy changes.

Anyway, listened to TWIT live on the free iPhone app. I also watched my first video podcast. I admit the other month I went to YouTube for the fist time ever. Well, I have seen videos played by others from that site... Or clicked on links sent me.

So many other new stuff to tell. Actually I lost my train of thought. ;)

Oh yeah, no more CAPTCHA on these posts?

I laugh when I hear people get bent out of shape because a site is not designed to thief liking or something changes on the site. I guess I'm just used to changes. Besides, what can I do about it? Crying about it doesn't help.

I also detest direction from upper management to make "new" applications look and act like previous versions when there are more intuitve or even standard ways to do things then the original designs. I wonder who's inteligence should be insulted.

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