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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Another day in the GLBRM

For a Christmas Conference, almost 20 years ago, every zone in the GLBRM made a short film or put on a skit when we all got together as a mission.

My zone made this Wayne’s World parody. I was hoping it was uploaded to YouTube or something, but I haven’t found it. Would be fun to see again.

I had it all on some video tape. It might still be alright of I could find it. I believe I tried to get it digitized once, but the software used created a huge file that was too big for a CD. I guess we did not have a DVD burner.

Elder Wayne, Elder Garth, the Pope, Forrest Gump, Mr. Rogers, and the good President Bush. They were all there in our video. It was a classic. It even ended with the Called To Serve ending!

My part in the making of the video? Props. Well, I remember holding up cue cards for the French dialog.

Another zone did a parody on Cops the TV show. I think it was about the Zone Leaders busting trunky missionaries. That one was funny too.

I recall a skit about the starship Baptize or something like that. A friend of mine was the captain of the ship. It was kind of like a parody on Sat Trek.

Another skit was a funny rendition of the Lehi’s family leaving Jerusalem. The narrator would read the story while it was acted out on stage. When night came, in the story, I remember the people on stage would fall to the ground and pretend to be asleep. One guy managed to sleep with one leg raised in the air.

I recall Nephi always being ready and willing to return to Jerusalem every time his father asked him too. Except when he was told to go back and get the daughters of Ishmael. It was his brother’s that had to drag him along.


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