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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chicago calls?

I feel out of touch with an old friend who lives there. There was just too many weird encounters: I was ready to leave the day I hung out with him, his daughter was as honest as kids are, I met his sister and I guess he freaked out. Oh well?

Anyway, I was approached about a job there recently. I turned it down but I wonder if I'll ever go back to visit or what not. They guy told me to contact him if I changed my mind.

I just watched a rather silly movie called Michael. I watched the scenes of the city at normal speed. I recalled a lot from my brief visit back in March. If I saw it all, how can I go back when there is so much to see here?

Maybe I should go to another big city. Dallas or something. I love Texans, although it's almost like a bug's attraction to a zapper.

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