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Friday, September 05, 2008

Evacuation results

I wanted to get the quote right that I heard on a podcast. I thought I heard a governor of one of the East coast line states say, as a way of warning his own people, that in the off chance they will need to evacuate in the coming weeks. He said "it was stupid to demand to be returned to an area that you were evacuated from."

I can think of a few reason's why LA resident's would demand to be let back in to a place where there was litle or no power and other potential hazards. We are not dealing with the Nation's best and brightest, a lot of them only know government hand outs, and it would give then a poor reason to whine about how the government is doing enough.

Well, hope fully Ike and the others will not hit coast. Especially when I plan on going to DisneyWorld here in a few weeks! Assumption of risk?



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