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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Learning new stuff

Wow, already I have been able to get on a soapbox of sorts and share what info I have gleaned from the podcasts i listen to. I was bummed however that Audible did not have the book The House the Rockefellers built. Well, I did not see it.

Speaking of seeing, I'm not the only blind one. I had a housemate drop me off and it felt like we barely got there. We did a couple U-turns and I was let out at the wrong house. Oh well, the right house was a couple doors down.

I had a few ideas for this blog, but of course I forget. So, I just dribble on.

Here's a funny one. I had the missionaries mop part of the floor. They asked if they could do anything for me when they stopped by yesterday.

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At 9:19 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

It is about time someone I knew took them up on that offer! We had the missionaries over a couple weeks ago and they asked that and I was about to have them mow our lawn. They were dressed in pross though so I figured I'd let them off.


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