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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Men @ Work

I used to know this guy named Workman. I think he should have been called Mailman. He spent more time with mail then he did with work. He even had a typewriter to compose his mail. Who buys a typewriter?

Well, it was 20 something years ago.

Anyway, I feel kind of bad when I throw out garbage. Yet at the same time, it feels good to declutter the living space.

I currently live in a densely packed community and we seemingly produce a lot of garbage. Yesterday the garbageman came as he does every Saturday morning. After making dinner, I took out the trash and the giant bin was already halfway full.

Where does all this crap go? Maybe a bunch of it can be recycled.

The day after Christmas this last year, I walked by the bin and not only was it full, but there were mounds of boxes and what not around the area. I would have taken a picture of it if this lady wasn’t there. It appeared she was looking for something. Merry Christmas?


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