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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Traveling the Seven Seas? Not yet?

A friend suggested I write about my travels. I like to go to new places, but compared to my parents, I have not gone very far. You can see my online map here. My parents have two physical maps. One of the world and one with the US. There are many pins on both.

After my next scheduled cruise, I will have 80 days at sea. I guess that is not enough to be the Captain. Good enough to be a midshipmen?

I don’t travel well though it seems. I do not like being cramped in a chair for long flights. Talking to the person next to me is out of the question. I put on my noise reduction headphones and try to get comfortable.

I’m always praying no one sits next to me. Especially someone bigger or fatter than myself. And oh how I bothers me when people cram over stuffed, giant carry-on luggage into the overhead bin.

I utterly hate going through security. Especially domestic flights.

I’ve been working inside secure government buildings for the last 14 years or so and it seems that as soon as I step into an airport that same government that cleared me now views me as a criminal. The anxiety plagues me days before I leave my house to go to the airport.

On a cruise ship I can at least move around. It might take forever to get somewhere, but that is why they call it cruising. Might be nice to stay at a stop for longer than a few hours, but it is good to go to new stops without having to drag my luggage all over.


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