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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hign school freedoms

For the most part I thoroughly enjoy the conversations I have a work. Today we randomly talked about some high school expenses. Most of the time I don’t give any thought to the school. It helps to be a thousand miles away.

I’ve never gone to a reunion and don’t plan on going in the future. Never understood why anyone would really want to.

Anyway, one coworker grew up in Jordan and went to some french, catholic high school. He told me about this yellow line on the floor that ran the length of the hallway. The students had to walk on the line in an orderly fashion.

I thought that was incredible. Not sure I would have enjoyed that.

There was one day at my high school that the National Guard showed up and took over the place. A bunch of trucks filled with guys in camo pulled into the parking lot and unloaded. They soon made up some really crazy rules.

Certain hallways became one directional. Other areas became off limits to certain genders. Armed guards at each entryway enforced the rules. Glad it was only temporary.

I think it was a good experience. It reminded me of how much I took for granted.


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