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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas flight canceled

OK, not really, but it was an option. It would have required I throw money away for nothing. Why do they charge to cancel flights anyway? Anything to take your money i guess.

Should have called the post "Why I hate flying cross country, especially for Christmas.". I hate looking for deals. I hate "throwing away" countless hundreds. This time I also used a bunch of SkyMiles to bring the cost down a bit. I hate "throwing away" more when I mess up the itinerary with everyone else's schedule.

And for what? I can imagine many of the senses that will take place before they happen. So, for a warm meal, a place to stay and to be around people I love and presume the same.

Well, the money is gone. Now I need to work up the desire to get on the plane. I hate being packed in like a sardine. I hate those dang screaming kids... etc. I'm packing my good headphones and a book on my toy.

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