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Monday, January 16, 2017

Too much content

I watched a lot of football this last weekend. I probably could have survived by checking the scores after the games. One thing that amazed me, was all the commercials about new movies coming to theatre, new exclusive network series and more. Some looked pretty interesting.

I used to work with someone who knew the line up of all the over-the-air television stations. It was like someone who religiously followed football. He knew what shows were on prime time…. It was almost as if he had some vested interest in producing all that content. It seemed surreal that he made time to watch it all.

I get disgusted just browsing through the online content. I can imagine someone out there going through a lot of this. Not sure it is possible to see everything. Especially the hours uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis.

I suppose it is great for a producer to have all these ready consumers, but it kind of turned my stomach when a commercial touted “more ways to get more entertainment.” How much does one really need?

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I love maps. I'm always looking at one or another. Occasionally I'll pull up an old neighborhood I used to live or used to know.

Recently I pulled up the satellite view of my junior high school. A bunch of memories came back. Of course there were new, unfamiliar changes as I hope there should be.

GPS technology is indispensable but I think people rely too much on it. I was giving directions to a friend as he was driving and had not put in my address into the computer. We came to the interstate and had to make a choice to go north or south.

Basic knowledge of a map would have made the choice obvious. I hope my friend was joking when he didn't know which direction to go, but it wasn't the first time his map skills came into question.

I had a roommate once who needed orientation of a church building every Sunday! I offered to draw a map so he could carry it around. This was many years before smart phones so the map would have been on paper.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mark of intelligence

In an old post no longer present on the web, except maybe some archive, I went off as follows:
TITLE: Ties not the mark of intelligence 
DATE: 07/16/2003 04:34:27 PM-----
I hate ties. I inherited some clip-on ties from my grandfather; it makes them a lot easier to put on, but I still don't care for them at all. They seem to get in the way too much.
I heard once that one result of the down market was that people would dress up to show a sense of professionalism. I suppose this was done to attempt put themselves higher up the totem pole so when liabilities needed to be cut... they would not be the first.
I was not impressed in the Systems Administrator's abilities. The tie wasn't helping in that area.
Since that time, I have met a handful of well dressed employees whom I have been equally impressed with. Fortunately, most of them did not stick around long or I at least did not have to to work with them directly.

I’ll wear a tie to an important meeting, interview, or to church, but most of the time I’m in my dungeon cranking out solutions. I might even still have those clip-ons in a drawer. I am not sure I have worn one since I inherited them. Grandpa was really short and I think the clip-ons were kid size.

Dress code at work is usually work casual and that is what I strive for. The tie really doesn’t help me and it is almost a distraction when one comes in the room. Who wears a tie? Government employees? Or someone trying to hide something?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dameron Hospital

We had this giant, blue van when I was a kid. We called it the tank. We had our name painted on the spare tire cover attached to the back.

One time while driving through California on our anual pilgrimage to Disneyland, someone stopped to thank us for the help we gave them at our hospital.

All my Dad could say was “You are welcome,”

Every now and then I would search online for this hospital. I suppose it was not until recently, probably as a result of Poe Dameron from Star Wars, that search engines would relate the spelling of Damron with Dameron.

I was impressed to stumble across Dameron Hospital. It really exists! And in California no less.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My short stint with Apple

If I recall correctly, I learned about podcasts from a roommate. I told him I would love to listen to some, but I didn't have an iPod.

When I was informed  I didn't need an iPod, I looked into downloading podcasts on my own. The Subscribe message confused me. I thought it meant like a paid subscription to a magazine.

When I got over that hurdle, I was able to download podcasts. I have enjoyed a bunch for several years now.

One Christmas season, I got an iPod Shuffle from work. I thought it was pretty cool. I actually acquired a second Shuffle from a co-worker shortly after.

I bought an iPod for my brother once as well. I did buy an iPod Touch, because I really didn't want an iPhone. I was pretty slow in getting a smartphone too.

I admit I bought earbuds and  an expensive USB charger, but it's been a long time since I bought any other Apple stuff and I have no intention in the future.

Well i do use the cheaper knock off earbuds. I like how they feel. I'm only paying pennies and no Apple tax.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Missed Operunities

In high school I remember going out with this one girl. I think we went on a group date or double date and went to see Sandlot at the dollar theater. Don't believe we ever went out again and I don't know why not.

One night I got a call at 12:30 a.m. inviting me to dinner the next day. Technically it was later that day. I always thought the invitation was odd.  I just happened to be awake when the call came and wondered if I was just a backup plan of sorts.

Well, I lost my cell phone on the way over to the house. I had verified the address twice, but apparently was dropped off at the wrong place.

When I finally made it home I tried to use an online phone application. It might have been an early version of Skype or the connection was just terrible, but I finally got through. It might have been a believable story if I was stranded and calling from some gas station.

Dinner was long over and never got another invite. Im sure I offered to have her over to make up for the trouble, but it never happened either.

One year, at a Christmas party, a certain favorite of mine was standing underneath the mistletoe offering a kiss to anyone that took it. I tried to set down my drink and all but was not fast enough!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rethinking the moon

I just finished a book on the Apollo missions. The book was called A Man on the Moon
by Andrew Chaikin, with a foreword by Tom Hanks who played Jim Lovell in the 1995 movie, Apollo 13.

It was impressive that we (as a people) had traveled so far to the moon so long ago. Why go back to the moon? Already done that?

Due to lack of public interest and government funding, we (NASA) unfortunately never has gone back. We have sent out probes and rovers - which is really cool. Just not the same as sending people.

According to Google Moon, an online interactive map of the moon landings. it looks like all the Apollo missions were relatively close to each other. Not just in the time, but geographical space.

It would be like some alien race - if one actually exists - landing in New Jersey and claiming the studied the Earth. The Garden state barely represents this planet.

I’m sure a lot of data has been gleamed in several ways over the years, like the presences of Helium 3 on the moon - which could be mined and used as a power source.

Until the warp drive or some other means of faster, more efficient propulsion can be invented, funding should be provided for all kinds of space exploration. Including going back to the moon.