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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Voltron Toy

When I was a kid, I stumbled across a bunch of Christmas gifts in my grandparents basement. There was this Voltron action figure among the gifts. I figured it was mine.

I think I was caught snooping around because I got the action figure years later. Or they forgot about the toy, stumbeled across it years later and thought I might still want it.By that time however, I no longer played with action figures.

Bad apple juice

Many moons ago I was at a dinner party. I was one of the last to arrive because everyone was waiting for me and my roommate to show up.

I heard a groan from one of the people seated at the table. I was also getting some bad vibes from her.

Who is this? I wondered and what did I do to get such a reception?

The host took the bottled fruit drink from my hand and passed it around. I noticed they were waiting on the drinks too.

After the bottle made it's way back to me. The lady who issued these bad vibes complained a warning. "There is something wring with the apple juice."

I smiled. That's because it is not apple juice."

"Oh. What is it?"

I wondered why she did not read the label. Surely somebody had to have done so.

"It is white grape juice. With Peach."I calmly replied as I took a sip from my glass. "And it is fine."

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Chocolate muffins

One Friday afternoon I decided to make chocolate muffins. The plan was to deliver them to this certain individual that I liked. We had gone out a couple times. At least once, if I don't recall correctly.

Anyway, after baking the tasty morsels, I put them in a rather nice tupperware thing and skipped over to her house. It was quite the walk out of my way, but thought the gesture was worth it.

She wasn't home when I got there, but I made enough for her roommates so I left them with the person who opened the door. I hoped they would save one for my friend.

I was expecting a thank you note of sorts. A text message, a phone call, or something. I started to wonder if she even got the message the muffins were from me.

By Saturday evening I started to believe she was planning to return the favor or wanted to thank me in person at church on Sunday. Maybe she was making cookies and would return the container full of them.

Early the next morning I ran into her at church . She was setting up chairs. I needed no motivation to help. After about 15 minutes of pleasant conversation, I was dying to know it she got the muffins.

“Did your roommates leave you a muffin?” I finally asked.

“Yes,” she complained. “They were so rich.”

Sorry I made them, I thought. Can I get the tupperware back?