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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Micro-blog 'n the rain

Went on a walk in the rain. Well, I did not have the exact address with me. They should have picked up my gift as I was hoping they would.

I was going to delete my TWIL podcast subscription but I thought it would be interesting to hear the legal aspect of the recent election, but it is more like This Quarter in Law.

Kind of held a friend's baby last night. I'm "OK" with dropping them when they are more than a few weeks old.

Doing more design work than development. Still lots to learn.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Environmental Lawsuit?

Just for kicks I started listening to the provocative 60 minute podcast. They were talking about Saudi Arabia's oil industry. They mentioned a new facility was being constructed or already completed, that will pump sea water into the earth to get the oil out?

So, not only are "we" going to add to the already problematic air pollution issue but "we" are throwing away lots of water (at this said facility) to do so? Sounds like a double whammy.

Maybe someone could profit from this by filing some kind of lawsuit.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Books reports

Forgot to bring my new charger yesterday. Probably a good thing. Almost finished the Street Lawyer book and could have plowed through the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. What would I have listened to then?

Well, this morning I'm listening to a build up of podcasts for the week. I did start on The Christmas Sweater last night. So far, it is very good.

I'm going to Audible to add books to the wish list so next time I go on a splurge to get books, I'll have a good list.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy morning

Yesterday, I left my room earlier than usual. I was finishing up on the Pixar Touch book. Tried to pause the book when a roommate trued to talk to me but the iPod Touch wasn’t responding!

Like my phone, once I plugged it in to charge, it came back to life. It’s like one of those defibrillators I guess.

On the metro, I had to literally squeeze the crowd in so I could get in to the over crowded car. I guess I did not have to, but I did it for fun. At my stop, apparently something was happening… people were all looking at something and I watched one guy run to get a metro employee. I paid little attention and walked away.

I like the Pixar book. I’m going to listen to Disney War again.

Since I failed to put the Christmas books on my toy, I started the Street Lawyer. I'm halfway done. I like the story for the most part.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cars and gas

Real quick....

I watched this movie last night. I liked the little feature about the mystery light. It was funny.

I like the detail spent on lighting, shadows, and sound. So much work goes into these movies.

I've never been a NASCAR fan. Never had any interest. Looked kind of boring. Then as I watched, I thought how much gas is wasted on this form of entertainment? More than the average consumer I suppose.

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