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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Maybe tomorrow the bandwidth issue will be fixed. It being a new month. I still might use this one for my random thoughts while surfing the net. I just noticed that my MSN blog has no list of previous posts... I wonder if I have to tell it to be displayed.

Last April Saturday

I did not make it to Kings Dominion due to the rain. It might have cleared up, but I'd rather go on a clear day. Oh well, I went into DC, walked around the American Indian Museum and had lunch with Josh and a young lady who knew Mr. Dan S.

The Museum was kind of weird, especially the modern art section which had a bunch of naked Indian statues and drawings. I'm not an art devotee. Most of it just makes me chuckle... peopled get paid to do this?

It has been a fairly good day... after all.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Paramount's Kings Dominion

I should be going to Paramount's Kings Dominion tomorrow. I still have not been notified when we are going. I tried to keep the group small and manageable. When my financing was rejected, I took no involvement in the planning.

I got my ticket and just need to get down there! And back!

Matt Damon's Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon in Bourne Ultimatum? I saw that one coming.

Independence Day - Brent Spiner

I can not believe the movie, Independence Day, is almost 10 years old. Time goes by too fast anymore. Anyway, I finally looked up Brent Spiner, the crazy-looking doctor at Area 51. He is Data on the Star Trek Next Generation series.

I knew it was him! You can hear it in his voice when he laughs.

Silly. 9 years after the discovery, I finally prove it.

The Greatest American Hero

I remember watching this show as a kid. It was weird then and probably comical now.

The Greatest American Hero

The Melting Pot Restaurant

I went to the The Melting Pot Restaurant yesterday. It was fun. I almost want to get my own fondue pot and dip stuff.

I'm not so sure my date enjoyed being there with me. I admit I'm not very sociable at times.

Order of the Bath

Weird. I guess I'm just a peasant or something. All this Order/Status stuff means nothing to me....

"I spit in you general direction." Oh wait, I meant fart. Oh well, I'm not French either.

Order of the Bath

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Disney and Pixar Could Strike a New Deal

Luxo: Disney and Pixar Could Strike a New Deal :: A blog dedicated to Pixar Animation Studios :: Pixar news, articles and more

This is good news. Seeing how I thought they wre on a 5 movie/10 year contract and there are 7 movies.

TechNet Magazine Home

I finally got TechNet Magazine in the mail. I wonder if my duplicate MSDN magazine was fixed.


For the first four innings of my first Major league Baseball game, I was not even in the seat I paid for. I was heading for a closer seat when I was spotted by the group I was "with". Baseball is really boring, but it is all about the sites, smells, and friends.

Watching on TV still is the best seat in the house. You get a front row seat all he time. If it were all that exciting maybe I'd watch more often. The news recap, if I even watch that is good enough for me.

Nationals lost to Philly, but it was nice to go to RFK stadium. Why did they name it after a senator anyway? Maybe he could have been President?

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Greatest American

I should have posted when I first heard about The Greatest American poll.

I think it will be tainted because all random votes like these are often results of how the voter is feeling at the time of the vote.

CNN.com - Cookie Monster given up sweets?

I was told Cookie Monster was no more, but it looks like he is being influenced by outside forces.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Time Zone updated

I just fixed the Time zone. It was set for L.A. (Not Louisiana) time.

World of Disney

I think Disney lucked out with their deal with Pixar. I mean what new things could they add to the cast at their theme parks? A bunch of cows on the range? How stupid. Now, Buzz Lightyear or Mr. Incredible? Awesome.

I think they really shot themselves in the foot by screwing Pixar over. (Assuming the damage is not repairable.) I mean how many remakes (Lion King III, Litle Mermaid II, etc.) can they do of earlier shows? Without Pixar, Disney Magic has lost it's flare.

World of Disney

One thing I do not like about this site.

I have to login to search for stuff on my blog. That is kind of silly. Maybe the search thing is broken or not configured because it does not return anything of value.

The spell checker is only there when you login too. Oh well, I can't get everything for free now can I?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Learning Curve

I guess there is much to learn about all the options I have. Oh well, I could be wasting my time doing something else. I just found the spell checker! Know I need to find the "Is this what you mean?" button. (I said I will loose my window, not lose.)

CVN-21 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sweet! Check out the new Supercarrier: CVN-21

Playing cards

I was reading this morning how Playing cards are bad. I knew I had seen that refernce before. I goes along with this.

Gordon B. Hinckley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I thought it was awesome that Gordon B. Hinckley made it in the Wikipedia! It is about as cool as Google itself.

TiVo.com | Buy Tivo

I could never get a TiVo. When I watch TV, I do a lot of flipping through channels. I like commercials too sometimes.


Window loss


I'm going to loose my window soon. They are moving all developers to a single room.

Google toolbar

I like the Google toolbar and the "blog this" feature.


Google blog or MSN?

Not sure which one I like better.

New site?

Just playing.

See here.