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Saturday, January 24, 2009

We can do it? Yes we can.

I guess I was wrong about the origin of the phrase "Yes we can". Well, I was close.

In my days travels, I came across the WWII poster. It said "We can do it".

Same thing?

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Windows 7

The more I hear about it, the more I want a new laptop with Windows 7 on it. I need a new machine. OK, I just want one.

So I guess I probably will not get one unless I find a cheep one.

I would like to dual boot or put Linux on my old/current laptop.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MS Podcasts, Ford class, PeopleEditor, Mall Cop

Microsoft can't do podcasts very well. The ones so have listened to have be quite disappointing. Great content but not very entertaining and poor quality. It hurts my ears to listen.

Anyway, I thought I was awesome with the small achievement in my ever growing SharePoint knowledge. The PeopleEditor was way cool. Hard to find good content sometimes.

I learned yesterday about the Ford class aircraft carrier. I also watched a silly movie while avoiding the crowds and the cold. Went to a cool Deli today. I think they put out a sign for the crowds. The was still there on the corner.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic day

Is not everyday somewhat historic?

I did not go into the District but I "ran" around most of the day. It was cold enough for me.

Well, I learned about the Ford carrier class among other things.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guantanamo Closing

Sounds like a winner of an idea. Why not release all the prisoners and shut down DoD and live in a fantasy world of peace and love? Some politicians need to pull their heads out.

There is a reason why people should not know what is going on with enemies of the country. I hope there are the Jason Borne types out there that gather information and what not to protect this nation by whatever means.

People get to uptight over things. If this was a perfect world, I might agree but everyone who flies know it only takes one bad apple to mess up things for everyone else. I hate taking my shoes off to board a plane.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mostly good day

Tried to make plans for a last minute road trip, but I am content to relax for the long weekend. Ran a few errands, watched some more old Knight Rider TV shows, went to Generous George's and watched a movie with people.

We had a pipe bust. Water was everywhere in the kitchen. I just shook my head: Another problem with the house. Another reason to move.

I will one day. Just too lazy I guess.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Why do I even try?

I slid down the stair case and spilled some food. Socks don't provide much traction.

Of course people were nice about it, but why do I even try to make a good impression. Nobody gives and rarely do misperceptions change.

I guess I do the same at times.

Today was good for the most part. Spent lunch and Happy Hour at Capitol Grill with coworkers. It was fun.

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Columbia State

So if the District of Columbia becomes a state, will it change it's name to State of Columbia? What about the postal code? SC is already taken. I guess they could use CS because CO and CA are already taken. Maybe CL.

Anyway, what about the flag? 51 stars?

What's next?

Sounds really lame and gay, but it would be change. Or would it? Government spending for little or no value.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

To the future

Unless the new president has some magic, to pull out of his rear end, I seriously doubt the financial situation will not change. Well, change will come over the next few months at best. Next few years, is more like it.

What to do with NASA? Keep funding it.

The Internet for everyone plan I heard about in my very passive political interests, sounds good to me. Better than some bail out plan for evil MBAs.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes they Can

For some reason several streets in DC were shut down. I only saw the one by the metro stop. My coworkers were talking this morning about having to add to the already crowded metro if they can't drive to work.

I blame the new president and his borrowed slogan from WWII. Can they shut down the city streets like thier plead for statehood?

Yes they can.

I got a good laugh when I chimed into the conversation.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Space Buster!

Awesome! I love my iPod Touch.

While waiting for network access at my new job, I played these free games to help pass the time. I started playing again the other day. I only had a few levels left.

Not sure if it knew I almost won or if they pushed out new free levels, but they did and it has been fun.

I need a life. Lately I've spent a lot of time learning SharePoint - which is arguably work related.

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Stole lunch today

As I half heartily listen to this free audio book on music from the 60s, I often find myself wondering who really would enjoy this book. I know I'm one that passively pursues music. There are a bunch of songs and artists I like. Had I an iPod or satellite radio when I was a kid, would I have spent my grade money on tapes or CDs?

I stole some tapes once. My stupidity got us caught.

I also felt somewhat uncomfortable with all the sound waves going through me. I thought it was silly to see people go crazy while listening to stuff even though, in private, I do the same.

Anyway, possibly all that and because I found it a waste of time to find a good song on the radio, are other factors to why I'm no fan boy.

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Friday, January 09, 2009

SharePoint SmartParts

I have been doing a lot of SharePoint stuff lately. I actually like it. I wanted to post this for future reference. Jan created the nifty SmartParts Feature. It's a Wed Part that allows you to add your User Controls in C# or VB.Net easily to SharePoint as your own Web Part.

Unfortunately this post was not helpful. I suppose that is the problem with blogs, how too get updated info on a particular item. Maybe I missed the link to the updated entry.

Anyway, version 1.3 has some better examples of how the connections work. Be sure to implement the SmartPart interfaces and add the Assembly directive in the ASCX page on your own controls.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

What's next?

The more I work with SharePoint, the more frustrating it gets. Everything I do gets extended feature-wise. If I really felt against the wall, I'd be more worried or negatively motivated.

Anyway, everyday the dynamics at work changes. For good, unlike my last job. Actually it didn't change much at all. Certain people were always upset regardless of what was going on.

Well, that was my rant for the day. I enjoy my job and the associations.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

More on today

Spent lunch with a guy friend. It was fun to swap stories.

Learned that Tim Burton is directing a future Pixar film. Well, it's not for the next one called Up.

Went on a long walk while ever listening to information.

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Day in review

I think I found a competitor to my favorite Italian restaurant. I usually order lasagna, my favorite. At Otavio's in Provo Utah and some place north of there now - did you know there is a Provo golf course on some island north of Hatti? Found it on this web cam iPhone app...

Anyway, you get a big plate of that yummy stuff. Other places you get a small cube or it is just not as good tasting for some reason.

Aside from the food and good conversation, tonight's date was pretty week. I guess it maters little. My best date ever went now where too. Too? So positive!

I know.


Tech notes

I saw a Duracell memory card today. It always fascinates me to see "new" products.

I think it is time for me to "recycle" my many passwords. Well, probably just those not in the Password Safe. And change my non secure default password. I guess it is bad form to comment on security policy changes.

Anyway, listened to TWIT live on the free iPhone app. I also watched my first video podcast. I admit the other month I went to YouTube for the fist time ever. Well, I have seen videos played by others from that site... Or clicked on links sent me.

So many other new stuff to tell. Actually I lost my train of thought. ;)

Oh yeah, no more CAPTCHA on these posts?

I laugh when I hear people get bent out of shape because a site is not designed to thief liking or something changes on the site. I guess I'm just used to changes. Besides, what can I do about it? Crying about it doesn't help.

I also detest direction from upper management to make "new" applications look and act like previous versions when there are more intuitve or even standard ways to do things then the original designs. I wonder who's inteligence should be insulted.

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Hard truth: Life goes on

I just finished watching a documentary on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Like with almost everything that I consume, I want to tell someone about it. I believe this the motive for all forms of "propaganda". To get others to feel the same way as you did or do.

One solider lamented that when he tells people he was over there, they don't appreciate it the same. Or how the media or news briefly acknowledges the ongoing conflict.

That's just it. Everything is a conflict and everyone is going through one or another everyday. The most prevalent one is the one at the moment. And everyone almost wants everyone else to share thief grief or pleasure in some shape or form.